Plan and control your collections and deliveries with greater visibility

Fast load building, live resource allocation and real-time updates in one dynamic traffic pad.

Manage your growing workload
with the simplicity of drag and drop

Worry no more about your transport load building and scheduling, as you’ll see jobs to do and build loads with drivers and vehicles with our simple to use drag and drop system. Integrate Mandata Tracking or the Manifest App and you can see if work is going to plan now, in one easy-to-use Traffic Pad.

Capable of handling single or multi-stage drops and a variety of work types

There’s flexibility to plan from A to B, or A to Z
Jobs added in stages are clear to see along with work type, load details, mileage calculations and delivery routes.

Plan work quickly and easily

Build loads using jobs you create using the Mandata Traffic Pad.

Built with the Power of Mandata

The Mandata Traffic Pad is alive with information and time-saving features that make planning collections and deliveries easy for you.

Visual drag and drop builder

Simply click and drag jobs down to build by load or vehicle.

Simple resource allocation

Use a calendar to manage availability of drivers, sub-contractors, vehicles and trailers. Then allocate them to loads.

Practical features for effective delivery planning whatever you deliver

There’s a raft of helpful features and visual aids to make it quicker and easier to process orders.

% load fill, expandable tiles, postcode-to-postcode mileage calculations, map-based planning, and sector-specific functionality are all included.

As well as general haulage TMS Go! supports operators in a variety of sectors

Pallet Networks


Waste Management

Keep drivers informed with  jobs and work instructions.

See live status change and receive electronic POD’s. No paperwork. No hassle.

Email or print manifests or update job details and they’re updated in the driver’s Manifest App.

Any changes you make or new jobs you add are updated on their mobile  throughout the day.

Signatures and photo POD’s are saved behind the job within TMS Go!

What TMS Go! Users Say

  • “R & G Logistics were planning their work using spreadsheets and manually producing invoices.

    “We’re now managing deliveries much further in advance than previously, up to 7 days ahead, which is a significant advantage when allocating resources, drivers and vehicles. Invoicing is so simple! It’s being done in less than 30 minutes.”

    • Ross Flynn
      Director, R and G Logistics
    • R&G Logistics logo
  • “TSL considered a number of systems but opted for TMS Go! as they felt it was the best solution in terms of features and benefits, ease-of-use functions and cloud functionality.

    TMS Go! will potentially lead to 15 hours per week in admin time-savings and the drag and drop feature is particularly beneficial and easy-to-use – a big advantage in facilitating overall system use.”

    • Annemarie Rigby
      Transport Administrator, TSL Contractors
    • R&G Logistics logo
  • “TMS Go! enables our planners, in particular to see what’s happening across the business on a daily basis.

    This helps us to be far more responsive, driving up quality standards in the process. It’s helping our business to adapt and grow in a very fluid and competitive industry sector.”

    • Amy Millett-Kirkham Shaw
    • R&G Logistics logo

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