Improved Waste Handling thanks to TMS Go! and Manifest App

15 April 2019

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Improved Waste Handling thanks to TMS Go! and Manifest App

Improved waste handling capabilities are now available as part of the latest version of Mandata’s Manifest app for its cloud transport management system, TMS Go!

The Manifest app enables drivers to receive work instructions and see at a glance, the sequence of jobs and manifest details. They can be updated with changes such as additional jobs throughout the day.

In turn, this also gives the transport operator visibility of job progress and real-time electronic proof of collection and delivery. Waste Transfer Notes are saved automatically against each job in the system, as they’re completed.

It’s 3 years since Mandata launched its first Manifest app, now used country-wide by many hauliers to simplify the proof-of-delivery process; linking the office to drivers with a robust paperless POD solution.  Effortless updates are saving time and providing information quicker than ever before. There’s no need to transfer information from one system to another, or scan paperwork. No rework or duplication of effort.

New Waste Handling Features in Go!

The new waste-handling function is among a range of beneficial upgrades, designed to provide even greater operational efficiencies for smaller road transport and haulage operators.

Accessed through TMS Go!, the new feature helps to secure compliance with UK regulations for companies operating in the waste management and handling sectors, providing a vital audit trail and evidence in the form of electronic waste transfer notes obtained via the app.

Flexibility is provided via a range of options.

  1. Users can select a container type on the goods or extra charges screen.
  2. European Waste Catalogue (EWC) codes are displayed on all goods lines.
  3. An SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code is also featured on the signature screen for quick and easy reference.
  4. It is also possible set up the legally required proof declaration text next to the customer signature box.

Other improvements include a new-look screen to simplify the steps a driver must follow to progress a job through to completion and additional user settings for enhanced management and display of features.

Drivers can also enter or amend details about goods as well as view pricing information for greater control of shipments.

The enhancements are part of the ongoing innovation programme at Mandata, delivering continuous updates to its integrated Cloud TMS and mobile solutions. 

Manifest app being continually updated

The first Manifest app introduced 3 years ago has undergone continuous upgrades and developments and the latest version sports a new look and feel, offering improved usability; simplifying the app for drivers.

Manifest App operates on any Android or (Apple) iOS platform. This enables the user to benefit from the latest mobile technology, providing significant cost and time saving advantages through the supply chain on the back of added value features/services.

These include manifests, job status updates, electronic documents and images of paperwork – effectively streamlining the transfer of timely information to provide greater transparency throughout the supply chain. 

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